Pricing French whatever

How do you price french windows or french doors?

Just depends on size and location, but we start out at 1.45 per pane. If bigger, like 4 over 4, we would be 1.65-1.75 per pane. Anywhere from 11.00 - 16.00 a typical unit.


Man @SimplyCleanKentucky we do things so similar !

We are usually around $10.00 - $15.00 .

@Luke Lol, we’ve noticed that too! We’re a husband and wife duo too on top of it. :wink: our wives are hard workers! Not everyone would do this line of work.

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O wow!

Man that’s awesome !!! Does your wife work with you full time ?

@Luke Yes, for the past 20 years. She was a realtor for a time but never seen her so she came back. Had workers over the years but just seemed to never work out great. Went back to just us, specialist in residential, a lot of high end stuff. It’s seems to work out this way.


You guys are awesome ! Wow 20 years. The experience you 2 must have!

That is really cool. I guess I can really relate and that’s why I think it’s so neat to hear.

Yeah, can’t complain, window cleaning has been good to us. We have pretty good time together, see a lot of neat homes and people, as you’ve experienced. Still always trying to learn and improve. Just started a website and google business this year, lol. Thought I better move with the times, customers would ask us all the time if were online, lol. Oh well. Have a good day tomorrow, you guys don’t work to hard!

@Luke, $10-$15 for what?

O sorry for French windows and or doors.

We use responsibid and have our French pains priced about the same as you.

An example of my French pane pricing is 3x3 (typical back/garage door is $2 each both sides. So $18.

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…or $18 to $24 both sides per door for us.

$10 a door both sides

No real frenchies here, all fake here in CFL. They leak behind the French frame if you clean them like a real set.