Cold Weather Window CleaningTips

Whats your best tips for cold weather window cleaning?

Use a squirt bottle and mix in your washer fluid in that. Add more for really cold spots and less for sunny spots. Also add a dash of soap.

This will save you a ton of washer fluid over mixing it in your bucket.


Nice tip!

What do you do for gloves?

We use small cotton knitted gloves and wear latex over those on days where its sat 25 to 32.

On really cold days we wear a good pair of Carhartt winter gloves.

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I don’t have to usually clean windows in the cold. But I appreciate the tips!

Walmart has some wells lamont gloves that we used when it was below zero. But for the most part I just invested in boxes of hot hands.


Well lucky you! Lol!

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Well I had to talk smack now I have to eat it. It’s 38 degrees here this morning. Which may not be cold to some but it’s definitely cold to me and many others in my town!

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